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Listen to our first EP!



Five Minute March is a rockband from Utrecht, The Netherlands, who debuted with a sold-out show for their EP-release in 2018.

The four students are a formation to be reckoned with, and have created a unique Five Minute March sound that manages to ignite every crowd they play for.

Winning bandcompetitions, getting radioplay, and performing on national music festivals, 5MM has the ambition and potential to become a very big name (inter)nationally. Although they initially met each other through their Psychology study in university, Matthijs, Mats, Bas and Omar have lost their desire to spend their days studying from books. Instead, they now have mastered something they can teach others: Rock ’n Roll. Five Minute March makes rock music for the new generation, whether it’s ready for a change in today’s popular musicculture, or not.

The band infects crowds all over The Netherlands with that one thought, that one realisation, no one dared to expect: Rock ’n Roll ain’t dead – Five Minute March revived it.

Matthijs Theunisse – Singer, lead guitar
Mats van der Heide – Rythm guitar, backing vocals
Bas de Boer – Bass
Omar van Tol – Drums

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